applications & services

reverse osmosis, filtration & ultra high quality water treatment

WTS offers a range of formulations to ensure customers sources of high quality water is consistant and reliable. As well as RO specific formulations WTS can design, install and commision intelligent dosing equipment to allow feed rates to be optimised for peak plant performance

corrosion inhibitors & plant infrastructure protection

One of the biggest hits on a plants bottom line can be caused by corrosion damage to plant infrastructure. Advanced corrosion inhibitors by WTS can mitigate the corrosive impact on plant & assist customers in changing to less corrosive treatment programs.

WTS offers a range of boiler specific chemistries to combat many of the problems encountered in boiler water circuits. WTS can provide antiscalents, oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, biocides & cleaning agents. 

WTS has a large range of high performance cooling water treatment products formulated to maximise the thermal capacity of cooling towers and auxilary condenser systems. This include corrosion inhibitors, antiscalents, dual acting organic-inorganic biocides, onsite ClO2 generation & electro-bromination.

mineral recovery & solid seperation & clarification

As an independant Australian business WTS have been able to aquire the best flocculant technology from our offshore suppliers. Using our unmatched technical expertise we are able to quickly adapt to changes chemistry and changes in supply or raw materials. 

wastewater treatment & site stormwater decontamination

To ensure our customers meet their environmental and regulatory obligations when dealing with wastewater or contaminated environmental flows WTS has a unique set of tools that can be deployed at a moments notice to rapidly decrease the contaminent level in environmental flows allowing for safe discharge.  

applications & services


Water Treatment Services has developed an array of water treatment solutions & formulations tailored to the customer. Applications vary greatly with the variety of industries we serve. In doing so WTS provides customers with optimised plant performance and cost effective ongoing treatment by selecting the best chemistry for each step of treatment process. 

WTS has lead the way in assisting our customers reduce the environmental footprint by not only treat the water used, but also to develop innovative water reuse strategies to ensure that they get the most value out of every drop the utelise. 

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