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WTS chemical products for treatment of internal water in steam generators includes corrosion and scale inhibitors, chelating agents and phosphates, deposit control agents, oxygen scavengers, antifoams, cleaning agents and closed system inhibitors. These products are formulated for all ranges of operating pressures and temperatures and, depending on the specific application, can be fed on an intermittent or continuous basis to the feed pump suction, de-aerating heater storage compartment, or directly to the steam generator shell or drum. Water Treatment Services chemical treatment maintains steam generator heat transfer surfaces, steam condensate piping, etc., virtually free of adherent deposits and protected against dissolved gas induced corrosion

Scale Control

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applications & services

boiler water treatment chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors



Scale & Iron Stabilization

Oxygen Scavengers


In addition, Water Treatment Services provides highly qualified technical service to aid customers in identifying and solving boiler water related problems. Solutions offered by Water Treatment Services are customized for your particular boiler water or steam condensate system and are based on computer modelling techniques and principles proven through years of successful application in every industrial field to fluidize the precipitate and make it non-adherent.


Antifoams cause rapid coalescence and collapse of steam bubbles in boilers, thus minimizing foam and reducing carryover of contaminants into the steam. Carryover reduction prevents deposits, which can result in superheater tube failures, sticking valves, loss of turbine capacity, plugging of traps and lines, and process interferences. Smoother boiling also improves circulation to minimize waterside accumulations.

corrosion inhibitors

To provide complete protection against corrosion in steam condensate systems, Water Treatment Services has developed both filming and neutralizing corrosion inhibitors. When added to feedwater, filming corrosion inhibitors volatize with the steam and are carried to all parts of the system where they form a non-wettable, protective film on all metal surfaces. This film prevents dissolved oxygen and/or carbon dioxide corrosion by acting as a waterproof barrier between metal and condensate Neutralizing inhibitors also volatize and travel with the steam. When condensation occurs, they neutralize the C02 present elevating the pH of the condensate. In essence, filming inhibitors are used to treat the metal in the system while neutralizing inhibitors treat the water flowing through it.

chelating agents

Water Treatment Services maintains a series of liquid formulations of organic sequestering agents and Polymeric sludge conditioners designed to keep steam-generating equipment clean and operating at peak efficiency. Water Treatment Services has defined the complex chemical Interrelationships of water chemistry, treatment chemistry and operating conditions to enable us to specify the exact treatment that will give optimum results in your system. Various blended formulations are available to match individual system requirements and provide optimum cost performance.

oxygen scavengers

Both solids and non-solids varieties, these products prevent oxygen-induced corrosion in steam generating system equipment (boilers, economizers, pumps and feedwater lines), by chemically removing the last traces of oxygen from the feedwater. Oxygen scavengers will also reduce certain types of turbine deposits and provide residual effectiveness for protecting equipment during wet standby. WTS has suitable products for boilers of all pressures and duty.

deposit control agents

Specially blended polymers fluidize precipitates of calcium, magnesium and other metal oxides keeping them non-adherent and free flowing, allowing for easy removal via normal system blowdown.


When added to boiler feedwater in proper concentrations, these products prevent calcium scale by precipitation of the preferred hydroxyapatite. A polymeric sludge conditioner is included in the blend

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