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Industrial recirculating cooling water systems suffer from four basic water treatment problems that must be addressed to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Each of the following problems areas is inter-related, as each will have an adverse effect of one or more of the others.

Scale Control

Corrosion Control

Microbiological Control

Inorganic Fouling Control

WTSA markets a complete line of cooling water treatment chemicals specifically formulated to inhibit corrosion, scale, silt deposition and microbiological growth in once through and recirculating cooling water systems. We do not operate on the “one size fits all” or “off the shelf” programs. Our products are custom engineered to meet exactly the requirement ensuring the best, most economical outcome.


applications & services

cooling water treatment chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors


Chlorine Dioxide

Scale & Iron Stabilization



In addition, Water Treatment Services provides highly qualified technical service to aid customers in identifying and solving cooling water related problems. Solutions offered by Water Treatment Services are customized for your particular cooling water system and are based on computer modelling techniques and principles proven through years of successful application in every industrial field to fluidize the precipitate and make it non-adherent.

applications & services


Antifoams cause rapid coalescence and collapse of steam bubbles in boilers, thus minimizing foam and reducing carryover of contaminants into the steam. Carryover reduction prevents deposits, which can result in superheater tube failures, sticking valves, loss of turbine capacity, plugging of traps and lines, and process interferences. Smoother boiling also improves circulation to minimize waterside accumulations.


Water Treatment Services has products available to clean surfaces of newly erected and field repaired boilers and other industrial equipment fouled by oil, grease and other debris.

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