Are you willing to settle just yet?

The blog this week is a little late as I've been on leave to attend a close friend's wedding. Which is my inspiration for this week's post on relationships. So how does this relate to water treatment? For water treatment, the best outcomes are achieved if you have a close working relationship with an expert in the field.

So what should you expect from your water treatment provider in such a close and personal relationship? The following would be a good start...


You want them to deliver what they promise and demonstrate positive intent towards you and your organisation. This eliminates mistrust as you know they have your best interests at heart.

Awareness of your Aims and Goals

This is about understanding fundamentally your company culture and future aspirations, so that they can align themselves to help you set out what you want to achieve. This ensures that in future, both organisations do not have a conflict of priorities.

Technical Knowledge

You need your provider to be familiar with your industry, plant and systems and that they also know how their products affect your process. Your plant and situation are unique. You need your water provider to understand this to deliver the best outcome for your water treatment. One size fits all certainly isn't the case here.

Continuous Improvement Plan

A good water treatment organisation has a plan for delivering continuous improvement and is willing to share it with you. This process is also how a water treatment provider demonstrates positive intent, by working on projects that can have outcomes such as improving your bottom line, increasing your output or ensure quality is maintained.

Regular Reporting

You need to see that your investment in your water treatment provider is going to work for you. This means you need them to indicate clearly what work they are doing for you and demonstrating the value of their service and products.

Secure Logistics

A secure logistics chain ensures a consistent supply of high quality products and services are delivered for you. This means no interruptions or unforeseen outages to your plant and one less aspect for you to worry about.

Just like relationships, not all water treatment providers are the same. I suggest you review your current situation now. If you're missing out on any of the fundamental aspects mentioned here it might be time that you reviewed your water treatment arrangements. After all, unlike marriage, water treatment contracts are not until "death do you part".

Thank you for reviewing our article today. If you have any questions, or wish to make comments please contact us on our contact page. And if you like what you're reading, don't forget to subscribe to our blog posts via the social media links on this website and share with your social networks.

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