Looking to reduce your workload and improve your treatment applications?

Apologies to all as I haven't been able to post regularly lately. Its been an exciting month and a half of travel (Both work and personal). The highlight being a trip to Mongolia where we worked with various clients to highlight gains that can be had with treatment applications in place.

In some of the older plants, I noticed that they had very basic instrumentation. Also there seemed to be little telemetry and remote access to data. Now this may seem like a minor gripe but there is a great deal of savings to be gained by introducing a automation and remote access to your water treatment applications.

For instance boilers need to bleed water to reduce the chance of scaling. In a lot of systems this is done manually, which results in:

  • spikes in conductivity that increase chances of scaling;

  • bleeding excessive water resulting in increased water, chemical and fuel usage.

Installing automated bleed will not only protect the system, but also save dollars. In fact in general you will get a 20% reduction in fuel and water usage as a minimum.

This is just one example where automation can help. But what about telemetry?

Telemetry helps when items need to be checked regularly, and the data is important. In my experience as a water treatment provider I've used telemetry to cut down on service time on site. For instance if I visited a cooling tower weekly, I was able to cut this down to once per month or even once per quarter. This reduced my operating costs, which were passed on to my client as savings.

So when it comes to your water treatment applications, are you making you life easier to operate efficiently? If you're not sure why not ask your water treatment provider or contact us at WTS. We would be more than willing to show you how you can improve your water treatment so you can focus on your core business.

Until next week...


Mic R

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