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Water Treatment Services (Aust) Pty Ltd, WTS, is an Australian owned and operated company that makes water work through taking a whole of system approach (including both process engineering and chemistry) to solving complex water challenges.

WTS makes water work through understanding the commercial implications of the solutions we develop to ensure they deliver the most efficient and effective ROI along with robust attention to safety and compliance

WTS has been making water work in industrial applications as an innovator for over 30 years. With a track record stretching back to 1992, WTS applies smart chemistry solutions to make water fit for use, reuse and release.

WTS engages in projects from early green-field evaluations through to commissioning and on-going supply of treatment chemicals and follow-up with system monitoring, fine-tuning, operational advice and training.

At WTS, we take pride in the skills of our people, in particular their ability to utilise their knowledge gained via extensive experience obtained in the field. Over three decades our highly experienced team of chemists and engineers have developed an array of water treatment technologies, both chemistry formulations and engineered hardware, which we tailor for each application. Our core service offering is to provide clients with optimised plant performance and cost-effective ongoing water treatment through the selection and administration of the optimal chemistry for individual scenarios.

One of WTS greatest attributes is a tenacious approach to solving water based problems. WTS has been able to deliver solutions to challenges previously considered unsolvable by following our four-phase solution development process:


Solution Design Step 1 Solution Design Define the problem and apply a mixture of hardware, software and chemistry to develop the best solution to achieve the right outcome.
Application Step 2 Application Apply the customised solution to achieve the required outcomes aligned with ROI and agreed performance targets.
Monitor & Measure Step 3 Monitor & Measure Measure and monitor the application of the solution using a mix of specialist skills, knowledge and software.
Optimise Step 4 Optimise Use data to optimise the solution through a continuous improvement process.

As of February 2021, WTS is an independently operated wholly owned subsidiary of MAK Water, the leading Australian owned and operated water treatment company.

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