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To make water work, the WTS team deploys the suite of chemistry formulations and hardware water treatment technologies at their disposal.

They utilise these technologies in developing a tailored solution to your water challenge. In adapting the application of a technology, or sequence of technologies to your water situation, the WTS team maximises efficacy, efficiency and ROI to deliver the best solution for your water challenge.

We have an extensive collection of chemistry tools including but not limited to various chemical and mineral process aids, anti-scalants, binders, corrosion inhibitors, disinfectants, grinding aids, flocculants & coagulants, flotation reagents, foam control agents, mains water treatment programs, reverse osmosis membrane treatments, viscosity modifiers, wastewater treatment aids and many more chemistry technologies as well as hardware such as on-site Chlorine Dioxide generators and Electro Bromination systems.

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