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Cooling Water

The efficiency and cost of maintaining industrial cooling water systems is negatively impacted by deposits, microbiological growth and corrosion.

Flow restrictions and pressure losses associated with organic and inorganic deposits or corrosion within cooling system circuits also affects system downtime and safety.   

We ensure the reliability and performance of industrial cooling water systems using our expertise in engineering and chemistry to build fit-for-purpose solutions that make water work.

WTS’ water treatment experts draw on a suite of chemistry solutions, state-of-the-art simulation, modelling, monitoring and control technologies, as well as a full line of cooling water treatment chemicals that work at various pH levels and with different water chemistries.

We have a range of high performance cooling water treatment technologies developed to maximise the thermal capacity of cooling towers, heat exchangers, chill water systems and auxiliary condenser systems. This includes corrosion inhibitors, antiscalants, dual acting organic-inorganic biocides and biofilm controls, onsite ClO2 generation and electro-bromination to name a few.

We work with you to define success, with common goals being reduced operational costs by mitigating required maintenance, optimising chemical spend, as well as conserving water and energy in-line with your requirements and improving employee and public safety. 

We typically employ our proprietary monitoring and control process and sensing technologies for monitoring & optimising of our solutions.

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