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Biotifx® Liquid Max

Biotifx® Liquid Max

Biotifx Liquid Max is a concentrated liquid product used in a variety of wastewater treatment systems to alleviate challenges associated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S), fats, oils, grease (FOG), sludge and odour.
Biotifx Liquid Max is formulated with a blend of Bacillus strains scientifically selected for their ability to degrade a broad range of material. It is also enhanced with a proprietary blend of micro-nutrients and biostimulants to heighten performance of the microorganisms. Application is easy with the product being delivered to the system via an automated dosing pump.

Available in:

  • 5-gallon (US) pail
  • 55-gallon (US) drum

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Features and Benefits

Find out about the features and benefits of Biotifx® ULTRA

FOG Accumulation Biotifx Liquid Max improves digestion of Fat, Oil & Grease, removing it from the system as carbon dioxide (CO2). This proactively reduces accumulation in the system, reducing labour and capital investment costs.
Sludge Handling and Disposal By reducing the amount of sludge through bioaugmentation with Biotifx Liquid Max, facilities can lower expenses associated with sludge handling and disposal.
Odour Control Biotifx Liquid Max prevents the formation of biological acids and other odourous compounds, reducing the potential for complaints and lawsuits without costly chemicals or equipment.
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Biotifx Liquid Max inhibits the bacteria responsible for the formation of H2S, reducing and in some cases eliminating complaints, corrosion and safety risks. This also prevents the need for conventional treatment.


For specific dosing recommendations, review our system application sheet and/or speak with your service provider.
Typical dosing volumes are between 1-10 ppm based on flow and are applied with an automated dosing pump.


  • Lagoons
  • Collection systems
  • Small wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial and municipal grease Interceptors
  • Septic systems

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