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Mining Process and Wastewater Treatment

From the extreme heat of remote Australia to the extreme cold of Mongolia, WTS has delivered chemistry solutions for a wide range of mining projects to make water fit for use, reuse and release.

Water treatment is required for many mining operations, such as:

WTS makes water work for mining by applying engineering and chemistry expertise via our four-phase solution development process.

We have an extensive collection of chemistry tools for mining wastewater treatment, including – but not limited to – flocculants and coagulants, corrosion inhibitors, antiscalants, binders, dust control aids, filtration aids, foam control agents, grinding aids, reverse osmosis membrane treatments, rheology modifiers and specialty tailings treatment reagents.

We determine where, which, and how much of our tools is applied based on your individual circuits and desired outcomes. Our company’s philosophy is to use tailored chemistry. We make mining water work for you by defining the challenge, then applying only what is needed to achieve the desired outcome with a targeted approach – this is where WTS delivers value.

Industrial Dust Suppression

WTS also provides advanced solutions for industrial dust suppression. Tailored to each mine site, our dust suppression chemicals offer effective control for airborne particles. We leverage our expertise in Australia’s demanding settings to devise unique strategies with long-term outcomes. We partner from assessment through to application, providing end-to-end dust suppression solutions. Discuss industrial dust suppression with us by calling 1300 955 015.

Contact Us About Mining Water Treatment

We understand the goals of safety, productivity and asset protection and develop solutions to achieve these in partnership with our clients. For more information or to enquire about our mining water treatment in Australia, contact us on 1300 955 015 today.

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