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Industrial Process Water Treatment

WTS has a range of high-performance technologies at our disposal for industrial process water treatment. We make water from any source fit for use, reuse and release.

Our range of process water treatment technologies includes, but is not limited to, antiscalants, binders, dust control aids, filtration aids, flocculants and coagulants, foam control agents, grinding aids, reverse osmosis membrane treatments, rheology modifiers, specialty dewatering aids and tailings treatment reagents. We also offer hardware solutions, such as onsite ClO2 generation and electro-bromination.

We apply these tools scientifically to solve your industrial process water challenges, improving the effectiveness and longevity of process equipment.

Whether you operate an oil or gas processing train, a mineral processing facility, or an industrial chemical manufacturing plant, WTS has your water infrastructure covered.

We recognise that industry is becoming an increasingly competitive environment. Our tailored chemistry philosophy delivers value by accurately defining process challenges. We only apply what is needed to generate the desired outcome, with a highly targeted, controlled approach.

WTS’ three decades of experience applying successful water chemistry solutions makes us leaders in water treatment for industrial process water. With our 4-phase process, we apply engineering and chemistry expertise to develop innovative process water treatment solutions.

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We work with you to identify what success means. Goals include reducing maintenance costs, optimising your chemical spend, conserving water and energy, and reducing overall risk. We typically employ proprietary process control and remote sensing technologies to monitor and optimise our solutions. Contact us about your industrial process water treatment on 1300 955 015 today.

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