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Power and Energy

WTS’s reputation for making water work by applying smart chemistry solutions is built upon our three decades of work, treating billions of litres of water, optimising systems for some of Australia’s leading power generators. 

We understand the goals of safety, productivity and asset protection and develop solutions to achieve these working together with our tier-one clients to keep the lights on.

WTS’s water technologies for power generation and energy distribution activities enable infrastructure operators to reduce operating costs by improving the reliability, performance and safety of high-pressure boilers, cooling towers and other water treatment systems. 

By accurately defining your challenge and applying smart, targeted chemistry solutions, we can mitigate required maintenance, decrease chemical spend and conserve water & energy, whilst also improving safety and extending equipment life.

We have an extensive collection of chemical and hardware based technologies developed for power generation including dual acting organic-inorganic biocides and biofilm controls, anti-scalants, corrosion inhibitors, disinfectants, dust control aids, flocculants and coagulants, foam control agents, reverse osmosis membrane treatments, onsite ClO2 generation and electro-bromination.

The tools used to solve specific challenges depend entirely on your inputs and required outcomes. WTS’ philosophy of tailored chemistry makes water work for you by defining the challenge, then applying only what is needed to achieve the desired outcome in a targeted approach – this is where WTS delivers value.


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