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Environmental (Release)

WTS has over 30 years of experience successfully treating wastewater to the highest standards for release into the environment.

We make wastewater ready for release using engineering and chemistry across our solution development process.  

WTS’ water chemistry experts deploy a suite of solutions based on samples of untreated water. Solutions include state-of-the-art simulation, monitoring and control technologies, as well as water chemistry technologies developed specifically for these applications.

Once properly treated, wastewater can be safely released into a body of water, used for irrigation or reuse. 

Before wastewater can be released into a river, lake, sea, or irrigation system, contaminants need to be removed. Contaminants include bacteria & viruses, fats, oils & grease (FOG), metals, hydrocarbons, PFAS, and other industrial chemicals, solids and nutrients.

Engaging water chemistry experts like WTS is imperative when approaching the release of wastewater as a regent applied to treat one contaminant may be a hazard or negatively impact other treatment processes downstream. 

WTS has a range of high-performance water treatment technologies at our disposal. Each developed to exceed the standards of regulatory bodies and neutralise potentially hazardous wastewaters from:

  • Mining and mineral processing activities
  • Food and beverage production
  • Chemical processing 
  • Construction
  • Agricultural activities 

Our suite of solutions includes;

  • flocculants and coagulants
  • algaecides,
  • biological digestion programs
  • metal precipitating agents,
  • disinfection, including onsite ClO2 generation solutions,
  • solids-liquids separation hardware
  • and more.

We work with you to define what success means. Goals may include:

  • The reduction of maintenance costs
  • Optimising your chemical spend 
  • Conserving water and energy and overall reduction of risk

We typically employ our proprietary process control and remote sensing technologies for monitoring and optimising of our solutions.

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