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Beverages & Brewing

The beverage sector is constantly looking to reduce costs, reduce wastage and streamline operations, all while maintaining high levels of sanitation, safety and product quality.

WTS makes water work for brewers, distillers, soft drink manufacturers and other beverage makers and bottlers by applying engineering and chemistry expertise via our four-phase solution development process. 

We have an extensive collection of chemistry tools for all stages of your production cycle from raw material production through to processing, bottling and cleaning the finished product. 

Our toolkit includes: 

  • Anti-scalants 
  • Binders
  • Biocides and biofilm controls
  • Flocculants and coagulants
  • Filtration aids
  • Foam control agents 
  • Reverse osmosis membrane treatments 
  • Rheology modifiers 
  • Specialty dewatering aids 
  • Viscosity modifiers and more

The tools applied depend entirely on your inputs and required outcomes. WTS’ philosophy of tailored chemistry makes water work for you by defining the challenge, then applying only what is needed to achieve the desired outcome in a targeted approach – this is where WTS delivers value.

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