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Sludge Dewatering Chemicals

Why Sludge Dewatering Matters

Sludge, the byproduct of wastewater treatment, poses a significant challenge for industry and municipalities. Efficient sludge management is crucial for meeting environmental regulations, reducing disposal costs and promoting sustainability. Dewatering, the process of removing water from solids suspended in a sludge, is a key step in sludge management, and the right chemical treatments make all the difference.

Dewatering Chemical Treatments

At Water Treatment Services, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our team of water treatment experts has developed a suite of chemical treatments tailored to address the needs of diverse sludge dewatering applications. Whether you’re dealing with industrial sludge or municipal wastewater residuals, our dewatering aids (chemicals) are designed to optimise dewatering efficiency while minimising environmental impact.

Innovative Polymers

Our range of polymers is engineered to enhance flocculation and improve solid-liquid separation, facilitating easier dewatering.

High molecular weight ensures effective bridging and binding of sludge particles, resulting in improved settling and filtration.

pH Control Agents

Maintaining the optimal pH range is critical for dewatering chemicals. Our pH control agents ensure that your sludge remains in the ideal range for maximum efficiency.

Precise pH control also prevents corrosion in dewatering equipment, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.


Tailored coagulant formulations enhance the aggregation of sludge particles, promoting rapid settling and improved water release.

Our coagulants are designed to be effective across a wide range of sludge types, ensuring versatility in application.

Dewatering Aids

Specially formulated dewatering aids improve the drainage properties of sludge, resulting in faster and more efficient dewatering processes.

Reduced moisture content in the dewatered sludge translates to lower transportation and disposal costs.

Waste Water

Biodegradable Formulations

We prioritise sustainability in our formulations. Our dewatering aids (chemicals) are developed with a focus on biodegradability, minimising the environmental impact of the dewatering process.

Eco-friendly options are available without compromising on performance, aligning with modern environmental standards.


Our chemical treatments for sludge dewatering find applications across various industries


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Addressing the unique challenges of municipal wastewater treatment, our solutions improve dewatering efficiency in sewage sludge.

Enhanced solid-liquid separation ensures compliance with stringent discharge regulations.

Industrial Processes

From food and beverage to chemical manufacturing, our sludge dewatering aids adapt to diverse industrial sludges.

Tailored formulations meet the specific demands of individual applications, optimising dewatering performance.

Mining and Minerals Processing

Sludges generated in mining and minerals processing often present complex composition challenges. Our solutions are designed to tackle these complexities, ensuring efficient dewatering.

Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry produces sludge with unique characteristics. Our chemical treatments cater to these specifics, improving dewatering outcomes and reducing environmental impact.

Why Choose Water Treatment Services?

1. Expertise and Experience.

  • With decades of experience in water treatment, our team of experts understands the intricacies of sludge dewatering.
  • Our solutions are backed by extensive research and development, ensuring reliability and performance.

2. Customised Solutions.

  • We recognize that every sludge is unique. Our approach involves working closely with clients to understand their specific challenges and tailoring dewatering chemicals to meet their exact needs.
  • Customisation options are available for polymer formulations, coagulant blends and pH control agents.

3. Sustainability Focus.

  • As stewards of the environment, we prioritise sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our dewatering chemicals reflect this commitment, providing effective solutions with minimal environmental impact.
  • Our biodegradable formulations contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to sludge dewatering.

4. Comprehensive Support.

  • Water Treatment Services is not just a supplier; we are your partners in achieving efficient and sustainable sludge dewatering.
  • Our technical support team is available to assist with product selection, application optimisation and troubleshooting.

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