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Chemical Processing

Water management is becoming increasingly important in chemical manufacturing and refinery sectors as such activities become progressively more complex, with ever increasing regulatory and competitive pressures.

Discharge water must be cleaner, cooling water must be cycled more times, the infrastructure should last longer, you should be using less water sometimes your feed water isn’t up to the quality required for your process. We understand the common goals of the reduction of operational costs by mitigating required maintenance, optimising your chemical spend and conserving water & energy.

WTS makes water work in chemical processing applications by applying engineering and chemistry expertise via our four-phase solution development process. WTS’s philosophy of tailored chemistry aims to deliver the greatest value by accurately defining the process challenges, then only applying what is needed to generate the desired outcome, with a highly targeted, controlled approach.

We have an extensive collection of chemistry tools including but not limited to various chemical process aids, anti-scalants, binders, corrosion inhibitors, flocculants & coagulants, flotation reagents, foam control agents, reverse osmosis membrane treatments, rheology modifiers and more.

Where, which, and how much we apply a tool depends entirely on your feed water and desired outcomes. WTS’s philosophy of tailored chemistry makes water work for you by defining the challenge, then applying only what is needed to achieve the desired outcome in a targeted approach, this is where WTS delivers value.

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