The Chemistry to Make Water Work
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At Water Treatment Services, we take pride in being at the forefront of water treatment chemistry solutions in Australia.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results and sustainable solutions sets us apart in the industry. With our unparalleled application knowledge, we’ve distilled our expertise into a comprehensive 4-phase approach, designed to empower your business with the most effective and efficient water treatment strategies, tailored to each situation.

Solution Design

Solution Design
Crafting the Perfect Answer

Every challenge begins with understanding. Your journey with WTS kicks off by delving deep into the intricacies of your unique water or wastewater treatment situation and solution requirements. Through scientifically driven analysis, we define the problem at hand.

Our team of water & wastewater treatment experts apply many decades of combined water treatment experience, harnessing a combination of cutting-edge hardware, advanced software, and specialised chemicals to engineer a water treatment solution. Bespoke solutions developed by WTS maximise efficiency and efficacy against the goals we have developed with you. This phase forms the bedrock upon which your success story will be built.


Where Solutions Take Shape

Equipped with a bespoke water treatment solution, we transition from theory to action. Implementing the custom-crafted water treatment strategy, we work in tandem with your objectives. Our approach not only prioritises the technical aspects but also aligns with your company’s Return on Investment (ROI) goals and performance benchmarks. Your success is our success, and together, we work towards tangible, measurable outcomes.

Monitor & Measure

Monitor & Measure
Precision in Every Drop

In the realm of water treatment, vigilance is key. Our specialists employ their honed skills, vast knowledge, and advanced software tools to meticulously monitor and measure the application of the industrial water treatment solution. Continuous surveillance ensures that every drop of progress is accounted for, and any deviations are promptly addressed. With our unwavering focus on accuracy, we ensure your system operates at its optimal efficiency.


Elevating Excellence, Every Day

The journey doesn’t end with implementation; it evolves. Armed with data and insights, we initiate a relentless cycle of continuous improvement. Our continuous optimisation process fine-tunes your water treatment solution to perfection. As data shapes decisions, our commitment to excellence drives us to elevate performance, enhance efficiency, and keep your operations primed for the challenges of tomorrow.

At Water Treatment Services, our approach is more than a model – it’s a promise. A promise of innovation, precision, and dedication to achieving water treatment excellence. Join hands with us, and together, we’ll not only meet your water treatment needs but exceed your expectations. Discover the power of a partner who understands the science, values the application, and embraces the journey of optimization. Your success in water treatment starts here.

The Chemistry to Make Water Work

Whole-System Problem Solvers Our fusion of engineering and chemistry ensures optimal efficiency and efficacy in solutions you can trust implicitly.
ROI-Focused We prioritize performance metrics, developing ROI models that assess efficiency and profitability, ensuring your investment pays off significantly.
Sustainability We guarantee compliance with regulations throughout the application and optimization phases, making your operations environmentally responsible and future-proof.
Compliance & Safety Our robust compliance program meets EPA requirements, ensuring your peace of mind regarding safety and regulatory adherence.
Asset Optimization We enhance industrial asset efficiency and longevity through exhaustive engineering and chemistry assessments, maximizing the value of your investments.


Water Treatment Services has demonstrated success in developing solutions for complex water & wastewater treatment scenarios for over three decades. Explore our Case Studies page to learn about our extensive track record.

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