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Pure 2 Series Chlorine Dioxide Generator

PureLine Pure 2 Series Chlorine Dioxide Generator

The Pure2 series of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) generators from PureLine takes the traditional two-chemical generation method to a new level.

Utilising hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite, Pure2 generators are able to realise conversion rates that far exceed competing generators that are only capable of converting lower concentration pre-cursors.

This is one of our most affordable generators. Available in an open frame configuration or a fully enclosed cabinet.

With few moving parts, the Pure2 features low maintenance cost and reliable operation. The system has multiple safety interlocks and controls that allow the user to accurately maintain chemical ratios for optimal efficiency.

The system is available with a batch tank and smart pumps that accept external control signals for flow pacing or residual control. With a relatively small footprint, the Pure2 is ideal for affordable and safe ClO2 generation from <0.5kg/day to 1800kg/day.

Features and Benefits

Find out about the features and benefits of PureLine Pure 2 Series Chlorine Dioxide Generators.

Affordable, efficient system One of the most affordable ClO2 generators available from PureLine
Low maintenance cost With few moving parts, the Pure2 features low maintenance cost
24/7 Security and Monitoring Via optional PureComms Security package
Safety Multiple safety interlocks
Enhanced control To maximize efficiency and safety
Broad adjustable production range <0.5kg/day to 680kg per day
Parameter Units Pure2 Model
ClO2 Output Capacity kg/hr 0-9 kg/day (Low Output)  9-1800 kg/day (High Output)
Electricity requirement 220VAC 1ph 20A service (30A for 450kg/day or greater)
Inlet water 80 mesh filtered water 19L/min at 690kPa (regulated). Booster pump recommended
Chemical usage Purecide E (31% NaClO2) ~6.2kg/kg ClO2 25% HCl ~8.1kg/kg ClO2
Cabinet Fiber glass/PVC Skid Standard (optional) White Polypropylene enclosure
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 670 x 407 x 1067
Weight kg 136 – 227
Co-products Salt (NaCl), Excess Acid (HCl), Chlorate (NaClO3)
HS Code 8421.21.0000



✓= Standard Supply o = Optional Supply


Self contained unit
ClO2 injection pumps o
Input chemical storage tanks o
Produced ClO2 break tank o
Board mount
Cabinet mount o
PCA analyser o


Instrumentation & Controls
Control Panel compliant with AS/NZS 3000, IP55
PLC control system with HMI touch screen
Full redundancy PLC control system o
Flow pacing capability utilising external flowmeter signal)
Water flow meter o
Production tracking and remote system monitoring o
PCA-970 Chlorine Dioxide Residual Monitoring System o


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