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Biotifx® PETRO

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Biotifx® PETRO was designed to degrade TPH, BTEX, GRO and DRO along with the heavy chemical loads of petrochemical industries. In
addition, Biotifx® PETRO decreases biologically produced hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

This powder product is formulated with a blend of bacterial strains scientifically selected for their ability to degrade a broad range of hydrocarbons.

The formulation is enhanced with the addition of a proprietary blend of micronutrients and biostimulants to heighten performance of the microbial community.

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Features and Benefits

Find out about the features and benefits of Biotifx® PETRO

Time to Remediate By speeding up the remediation process with the microbes within Biotifx® PETRO, the amount of time, labour, and equipment needed to degrade hydrocarbons can be reduced.
Sludge Accumulation The bacterial strains within Biotifx® PETRO were selected for their ability to digest and remove sludge from the system. This brings significant cost savings by reducing disposal costs and restoring system capacity.
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Inhibition of bacteria responsible for the formation of H2S reduces and/or eliminates complaints, corrosion, and safety risks. This prevents the need for conventional treatment


For specific dosing recommendations, speak with your service provider and/or review the system application sheet.

The typical dose is between 0.5-5 mg/L of system flow, depending on system design and loading method. For certain applications, the product should be hydrated in potable water at a ratio of 1kg: 10L of water (1:10 ratio) for 1-8 hours and then poured into the designated dosing location. If the situation does not allow for hydration, the product can be applied directly.


  • Industrial lagoons
  • Petrochemical Spill Remediation
  • Petrochemical Processing Wastewater Plants
  • Activated Sludge Systems

Case Study Data

There are attributes that can be modified within a system that allow natural flora to better digest and remove hydrocarbons. This study reflects this fact by showing a reduction in diesel range organics (TPH DRO/C10-C28) by 13% when left untreated. When these practices were combined with Biotifx® PETRO treatment, the reduction in diesel range organics was 65%.

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