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Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Water Treatment Services  has, over three decades of deploying solutions, developed an innate understanding of how to approach the treatment of almost any waste water source in Australia. 

From acid rock drainage to sewage, grey water, mineral processing or food processing waste, Water Treatment Services (WTS) can treat water for compliant release, or, repurpose waste water rather than release it. Such solutions include irrigation, recycling into another process, or even treating it with chemicals to potable standards. 

Through waste water treatment solutions, water-restricted industrial operations can reduce their input costs, meet licensing requirements, reduce environmental impacts, and increase output with less resources. 

WTS makes waste water fit for reuse or release by applying engineering and chemical expertise via its four-phase, consultative waste water treatment solution development process. 


Our team of water treatment experts will analyse your waste water and develop a treatment solution to achieve the water chemistry required for its new purpose.

The team has a library of industrial waste water treatment solutions, including state-of-the-art simulation, modelling, monitoring and control technologies, as well as a full line of water chemistry and engineering hardware technologies developed for water discharge and repurposing applications.

Once properly treated, waste water (or discharge water from one process) can safely and compliantly be recycled for other uses. These include cooling, wash down, irrigation, or with extensive treatment potable water. Contaminants that often need treatment, reduction, or removal before wastewater can be recycled include bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, salts, hydrocarbons, and PFAS. 

Our company works with you to define what success means. Goals include the reduction of maintenance costs, optimising your chemical spend, conserving water and energy, and overall reduction of risk. We typically employ our proprietary process control and remote sensing technologies for the monitoring and optimisation of our waste water treatment solutions. 

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Our company’s intelligent solutions utilise the right chemicals and advanced technology to treat industrial waste water. Contact us on 1300 955 015 to discuss your service requirements, whether they be for grey water, wash water from food process or any other waste water.  

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