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Potable Water

WTS has over three decades of experience exceeding international standards for potable water treatment with advanced chemical solutions.

We make water fit for potable use via our four-phase solution development process. Based on raw water samples, WTS’ team of water chemistry experts deploy a suite of solutions. These include state-of-the-art modelling, monitoring and control technologies, and a full line of water chemistry technologies developed for a multitude of drinking water standards.

Drinking water sources can range from pre-treated tap water to raw surface sources, ground water or even seawater and wastewater recycling systems.

Examples of where our expertise in potable water chemicals is regularly employed include remote mining operations – improving their filtration and reverse osmosis processes treating bore water, food processing facilities, and municipal treatment plants.

WTS has the toolkit and demonstrated expertise to remove contaminants. These include bacteria and viruses, as well as suspended solids, dissolved metals and dissolved nutrients, to create clean, potable water.

Totally pure water is not quite suitable for drinking either; people require certain minerals in water, such as calcium and magnesium, which we’re also capable of controlling.

WTS has a range of high-performance water treatment technologies at our disposal. We have developed these to deliver clean, healthy drinking and domestic water that meets or exceeds Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (or your specified requirements).

Our range includes, but is not limited to; disinfectants flocculants, antiscalants, membrane treatments, onsite ClO2 generation, hardware, mineralisation packages and more.

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We work with you to define what success means. Goals may be the reduction of maintenance costs, optimisation of your chemical spend, conservation of water and energy, and overall reduction of risk. Typically, we employ our proprietary process control and remote sensing technologies for monitoring and optimising our solutions. Contact us today on 1300 955 015 to discuss your goals around potable water treatment chemicals.

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