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Municipal councils, water authorities and other government bodies face several challenges relating to water assets and infrastructure, portable water production, sewage treatment and irrigation.

Successful management of municipal water assets requires a focus on safety, productivity and asset protection. 

With three decades of experience and an extensive track record of making water work for councils and water authorities, we develop solutions to fulfill these needs, as well as achieve specific goals that we define when working with governments and their contractors to keep public infrastructure running.

WTS have an extensive collection of chemical and hardware tools including:

  •  Antiscalants
  •  Dust control aids
  •  Disinfectants
  •  Filtration aids
  •  Flocculants and coagulants 
  •  Foam control agents 
  •  Reverse osmosis membrane treatments
  •  Wastewater treatment aids
  •  On-site ClO2 generation
  •  Electro bromination and other hardware technologies

Our philosophy of tailored chemistry makes water work for you by defining the challenge, then applying only what is needed to achieve the desired outcome in a targeted approach, this is where WTS delivers value.

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From potable water treatment & disinfection, through sewage coagulation, flocculation and disinfection through laggon management, sludge handling and asset maintenance . Water TreatmentServices can increase productivityand solve water treatment challenges. We are here to offer tailored solutions to the municipal sector. Contact us today about our expertise in managing water assets by calling 1300 955 015

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