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CG Series Chlorine Dioxide Generator

PureLine CG Series ClO2 Generator

PureLine CG Series ClO2 generators comprise a two chemical system using PureMax (a proprietary blend of chlorate and reducing agents) and sulfuric acid for chlorine dioxide generation with over 95% efficiency. This process is the most economical way to produce medium to very large amounts of ClO2 (9 to 1800kg/day) for high-flow applications. CG Series generators produce ClO2 on demand, safely, efficiently and without the need for additional storage or delivery pumps (they have up to 205 kPa delivery without the need for a booster pump).

The CG Series has very few moving parts, thus it is very low maintenance and reliable even under extremely harsh conditions. The systems are built in flow pacing capability (with the use of an external flowmeter signal), production tracking and communications allowing remote system monitoring. They are built with redundant safety interlocks and all operations are performed within the generator cabinet, providing a safe and clean operating system.

Unlock the full potential of chlorine dioxide generation with PureLine CG Series ClO2 Generators. WTS have an extensive track record in chlorine dioxide generation, application and management, so we can guarantee smooth operation. Learn more about chlorine dioxide generation and how it can help your industry by contacting us on 1300 955 015 today.

Features and Benefits

Find out about the features and benefits of PureLine CG Series ClO2 Generators.

95%+ Efficiency The system generates chlorine dioxide at over 95% efficiency.
Large production range The system can produce between 9 to 1800kg/day.
Expert engineering and technical support Technical support is available if needed.
Few moving parts They are low maintenance and highly reliable, even under extremely harsh conditions.
Low operating cost Low operating costs help enhance your ROI.
On demand generation With production tracking and remote monitoring.
Parameter Units CGSR-25 CGSR-100 CGSR-250 CGSR-500 CGSR-1000 CGSR-2500 CGSR-5000
Potable Water Storage Tank 25 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
Free Chlorine Residual (target) mg/L 0.2 ~ 2 (as per Australian Drinking Water Guidelines ADWG)
Raw Water Temperature °C 15 ~ 35
Ambient Design Temperature °C 5 ~ 35 (15 ~ 30 for insulated containerised system)
Feed Water Inlet Pressure kPa > 15 (flooded suction from tank)
Recirculation Pump Flow Rate m³/hr 2.08 8.33 20.83 41.66 83.33 208.33 416.66
Recirculation Pressure kPa 100 ~ 200
Power Supply AC 240V, 1 phase, 50Hz or AC 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Power Consumption (approx.) kW 1 1.5 2.5 3.5 6.0 16 47
Container Size ft 20

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