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Paint Wastewater Compliant Discharge


A waste processing plant which handles waste road paint returned by road line markers and their wash down facility was facing the prospect of spending approximately $6000 per week removing paint effluent via vacuum truck.

WTS worked with the client to establish an effective waste management system for the paint-contaminated water, utilising specialised coagulants and flocculants from our range. Beyond chemicals, we also support the client through a monthly service program, water discharge compliance testing and assistance in optimising plant dosing. This wholistic approach ensures that the plant complies with environmental discharge standards, avoiding the $6000/week waste trucking cost whilst continuously enhancing operational efficiency.

The partnership exemplifies the successful integration of chemical supply with ongoing monitoring and optimisation services, thereby promoting sustainable waste treatment practices.


After assessing the situation, WTS’ water treatment experts focused on two products, WTS 8-23 and WTS 8-A1010P.

Employing scientific Jar Test methodology, our team ran experiments with various dose rates for these products.

The study successfully identified the optimum dose rates of the combined chemistry solution.

The findings of the trial were indicative of the remarkable capabilities of both products in solid-liquid separation, even with minuscule paint pigment particles.

Our extensive laboratory and real-life testing programmes in our four-phase solution development workflow underscore WTS’s commitment to scientific validation and quality assurance, ensuring that our smart chemistry solutions meet and exceed industry standards and client requirements.


Paint contaminated wastewater Jar testing different flocculant & coagulant dosing combinations On site testing showing top layer of clarified water.


results and benefits

Efficacy. Achieves effective solid-liquid separation.

Environmental compliance. Achieves required standard of discharge requirements.

Technical support. Expert advice and consultation with all parties throughout the process and ongoing monthly plant service and troubleshooting support by WTS.

Bespoke. Situation-specific chemistry and dosing program for optimal efficacy-cost balance.

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