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Mining Clarifier Performance


A sand mine required low turbidity in its wastewater discharge stream in order to meet the requirements of being located in an environmentally sensitive area. The site requires strict adherence to environmental requirements.


  • Tested coagulants for clarification efficacy and conduct product dosage versus streaming current charge titrations to determine the optimal product based on efficacy and dosage requirement.
  • Tested flocculant range to determine which is best suited to aid in increasing particle size, settling rate and thus, increase solution clarity at the thickener and dam.


  • Based on the lab work and on-site trials, WTS recommended the most effective coagulant (WTS 8-CC997) and specialised water-based based flocculant (WTS 8-AD7310) to provide the most cost effective, results based bespoke solution for the client
  • Organic coagulant and water based anionic flocculant for direct dosing
  • Trial to determine mixing time and energy required (to optimize the thickener process)
  • Streaming current detector (SCD) control of coagulant pump speed (dose rate) to improve performance of the thickener through real-time adjustment of dose rate
  • Process improvements including turbidity meters before & after clarifier. Advised optimal coagulant and flocculant dosage points. Fitted offtake sampling points for SCD controller monitoring.


Thickener at the processing plant Optimised dosing at the thickener producing low turbidity overflow water


results and benefits

    • Environmental Compliance. Discharge achieves discharge requirements.
    • Technical Support. Expert advice and consultation with all parties throughout the process and ongoing plant service and support by WTS.
    • Optimised process. We took a whole-of-system approach, installing monitoring & dosing hardware to make best use of the chemistry solution.

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